Returning to the Workplace under the "New Normal"

How to Protect your Company, Employees and Customers Post COVID 19

Government at every level has begun easing COVID-19 related social distancing mandates and are permitting workers to return to work and businesses to reopen and transition to normal operations. Our panel of industry experts discusses the questions Trucking and Logistics companies should be asking themselves and outlines the steps they should be taking to position themselves for growth post COVID-19 crisis.

The topics covered during our session will include:

What are the key steps to take in reopening and operating your business given new risk profile and how to navigate that new risk profile from a legal exposure/insurance standpoint

FFCRA: Which obligations are applicable under the new workplace environment

Establishing new Employee Policies and Protocols for the workplace

Wage and Hour Pitfalls: What policies should be in place and what employers should be mindful of with respect to their statutory and regulatory obligations

Measures companies should consider from an Insurance standpoint: modifications/additions employers should consider with respect to their various insurance coverages

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